Setting Up a Basic Digital Product

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


A basic digital product usually needs at least two fulfillment items set up. These are actions which must be fulfilled to complete the transaction with the customer. These are set up under Add (Fulfillment Actions) to the left.

Adding a download file

A File Download fulfillment item attaches the digital file to the product within our system, and allows the order process to later generate a dynamic secure download link to deliver to the customer.

Adding an E-mail to the Customer

An E-mail Notification fulfillment item is used to deliver the secure download link (and other dynamic content like licenses) to the customer. The language of this is customizable, and a template language is used to insert the dynamic content.


More complicated product setups, such as those requiring licenses, are possible by adding additional fulfillment items.


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