How to Offer a Shipping Rate that Varies by Country

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


Many customers wish to ship internationally, but would like to charge a different fee for shipping outside of their country. FastSpring allows you to easily create shipping prices based on country. While the example in our setup below creates one price for shipping to the United States, another price for shipping to Canada and Mexico, and a third price for shipping to all other countries, it can be used to specify prices for any country.

Shipping Price Setup

For each product that will have a country based shipping rate, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages and select your product. Click Prices. Click Create Price.


In the Price List drop-down menu, select Shipping Price and enter in the highest shipping price that you wish to charge. Click Create. Click Move to Active Status. 


Change the Type to Custom Calculation (Advanced). Under Calculation Settings, enter in the following code, which will charge a shipping rate of $5 for customers in the United States, $7 for customers in Mexico and Canada, and $15 for customers located in all other countries:

if (country=='US') {
} else if ((country=='MX')||(country=='CA')) {
} else {

Change the countries (US, MX, and CA) based on the two letter country ISO 3166-2 code and shipping rate prices (5, 7, and 15) based on your needs. Click Save. Repeat this process for all products that will have this country based shipping price. Note: The shipping prices for both US and non-US countries are in USD, and will be automatically converted during the order process based on the customer's location.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance creating a shipping rate that varies by country, please open a support ticket.


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