How to Include Multiple Download Files in an Email Fulfillment

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


When one download file would be too large for a customer to easily download, or if other circumstances call for more than one downloadable file, you can offer multiple files in an Email Fulfillment or on the web receipt displayed on the order confirmation page by adding custom template keys. These keys distinguish each file from the others.

Upload Files to be Downloaded

After you have added an individual product to your store in SpringBoard, you will need to add File Fulfillment Actions for each of your downloadable files. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product to which you want to add Fulfillment Actions. For each of the files you have uploaded, under Fulfillment Actions, click Edit. In Custom Template Key field, enter in a key name for the file. This Key will be used when you set up the Email Fulfillment to deliver the files. Be sure to click Save each time.


When you enter in a Custom Template Key, it will appear next to the File Fulfillment, as shown below.


Email Fulfillment Setup

Once your files are uploaded and assigned a Key, you will need to set up an Email Fulfillment to deliver them. If you assigned a Key to the files, then you can refer to them in the file delivery variable. In our example, with files assigned key names file1 and file 2, you can refer to them as #{orderItem.fulfillment.file1.url} and #{orderItem.fulfillment.file2.url}. 

An example of sample code for a plain text Email fulfillment:

Thank you for your order. You may download using the following URLs:
File 1
File 2

An example of sample code for an html Email Fulfillment is below, followed by images of the code in SpringBoard and a sample email received by a customer.

<p>Thank you for your order. You may download using the following URLs:</p>
<p>File 1 <br />
<a href="#{orderItem.fulfillment.file1.url}" target="new">#{orderItem.fulfillment.file1.url}</a></p> <p>File 2 <br />
<a href="#{orderItem.fulfillment.file2.url}" target="new">#{orderItem.fulfillment.file2.url}</a></p>


Web Fulfillment Setup

Additionally, you can add the same code to the Web Fulfillment, which will put delivery information on the web receipt displayed on the order confirmation page, as shown below.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with including multiple download files in an Email or Web Fulfillment, please open a support ticket.


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