Why doesn't the download link appear in the email?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

There are a variety of possibilities for why a download link does not appear in the email that a customer receives after purchasing your product, but there are two common reasons.

  1. File Fulfillment: Make sure that you have a file fulfillment added on the product.
  2. Email Fulfillment: Make sure you have an email fulfillment added on the product and that the variable #{orderItem.fulfillment.file.url} is in your email fulfillment, which will create the unique download link. See a basic email template with file download for an example. For multiple files, make sure you include multiple files in an email fulfillment.

We're Here to Help

If neither of the above make your download link appear in your email fulfillment, please open a support ticket.


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