Can I Remove License Keys from License Fulfillment?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


For various reasons, you may wish to remove license keys from your License Fulfillment. The only way to accomplish this is to disable the License Fulfillment that has license keys you wish to remove and to create a new License Fulfillment with only the correct license keys from the original list. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select your product that needs license keys removed. Click to Edit your License Fulfillment. Download your Single-Lined or Multi-Lined licenses as a .txt file. Click Save to go back to your product details.


Click to Add a new Fulfillment Action. Select Generate a License. Select Pre-defined List and click Next. Choose the same License Format and License Quantity Behavior as the License Fulfillment you already have on the product. Copy and paste your license data from the .txt file you downloaded and into the Enter Licenses area. Remove any license keys you no longer need. Click Create. Next, click to Disable your original License Fulfillment.



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