Add-Ons that Add Revenue: Offering a Backup CD or DVD

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Offering your customers the option to purchase a backup CD containing your software may substantially increase your profits. Few companies take advantage of the fact that customers want, and are willing to pay extra for, purchase protection in the form of a physical backup copy of your downloadable software. In fact, according to a recent study on Consumer Software Buying Trends, 41% of customers purchasing software online prefer to receive a physical copy of their purchase on CD or DVD and 40% would be prepared to pay extra for a backup CD. These percentages do not include the consumers who will not purchase software on websites that do not provide a backup CD. Additionally, offering a backup copy of your software allows customers to re-install your software with their original license code without having to contact you for support. FastSpring offers a number of options to help boost your profits, and decrease your customer support needs, by offering a backup copy of your software.

Built-in Back-up System

FastSpring offers a basic built-in back-up system that will work as long as your have a File Download Fulfillment set up on your product.  You can set up a back-up by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Offers. Click on Create File Backup Offer. The disk will not have branding; it just lists the file name contents. If you want to customize your backup CD, you will need to use one of our third party shipping providers.


While FastSpring charges you a flat fee of $7.90 USD for each sale (including worldwide shipping) of the backup CD, you can decide what to charge your customers. We suggest a CD Backup Price between $9.95 and $12.95 USD. You must enter in a USD price, and if desired, you can click the + sign to enter prices in other country currencies we support. Click Next. 


Determine how the CD Backup Offer will be selected in the order process.

  • Opt-In will display an empty checkbox that a customer may or may not select.
  • Opt-Out will display a pre-checked checkbox, which a customer may unselect.
  • Automatically Add will not display a checkbox, but instead would add the backup to the cart and allow a customer to remove it, if desired.

Note: The Opt-In and Opt-Out Selection choice will not work with page linking Option 3: Short Order Process.


Next, determine if you want to change any of the text displayed for the backup CD. You may change the Offer Title, Offer Summary, and the Offer Description, which is visible when a customer clicks View Details. We highly suggest that you include delivery information in either the Offer Summary or the Offer Description. Click Save and then move to Active Status.

 Default Text


Customized Text


Customized Text Displayed on Order Page


Note: If you do not wish to offer extended download protection at this time, make sure to choose Not Offered under the Digital Backup Offer Selection before clicking Save.


Third-Party Shipping Providers

FastSpring works with two third-party providers to offer you the ability to create customized CDs and DVDs and have your digital files physically shipped to your customers.  Acutrack or CustomCD will manufacture custom CDs and DVDS and ship them worldwide on an order by order basis. CDs and DVDs can contain software, music, catalogs, or any other digital product and can be created for most computer operating systems (including Windows, Macintosh, Linux). Each backup CD can also include trial versions of your other software products, special offers or "special edition" features not available otherwise, or exclusive promotions and discounts. You may want to promote these backup CD features on your FastSpring order pages. There is no inventory to maintain, which eliminates the up-front costs normally associated with CD and DVD production, and your products are always in stock.

To use either of these shipping methods, you must have an account with the shipping company with the appropriate packages, labels, and products already configured. Visit Acutrack or CustomCD to receive more information, to create a new account, or to view your existing account.

Once your account is configured, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product to which you want to add a backup CD. Next to Fulfillment Actions, click Add. 


Click on the Shipping tab and choose the third party shipping fulfillment you want to add. Fill in settings that correspond to settings and information in your Acutrack or CustomCD control panel. If you have any problems or questions while locating these settings, please contact Acutrack support or CustomCD support for assistance.


Printing Serial Numbers on Delivered DVDs

If you have added a Shipping Fulfillment to your product, you have an option of printing the serial number on DVDs delivered to your customers.


If you want the serial number to be printed on the DVD, Acutrack must manually set up the product as a dynamic product. If you contact Acutrack support, they will generate and email you a Property ID. In your Acutrack Shipping Fulfillment in SpringBoard, you will need to check the checkbox under Use License Information and enter in your License PropertyID.



If you want the serial number to be printed on the DVD, CustomCD's online Media Command Console allows you to add dynamic text placeholders if you submit orders via API.  In your CustomCD Shipping Fulfillment in SpringBoard, once you have clicked Create in the setup process, click View Services. You will need to check the checkbox under Use License Information, and click Save.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with adding a backup CD offer, please open a support ticket.


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