Can I Sell a Gift Card or Gift Certificate?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

While currently there is no gift card type functionality, many clients that want to offer gift cards do so by offering a product called a gift card that really just sends a coupon code in the email the customer receives after the original order has been placed. However, there are some limitations to coupons that make this not an ideal way to offer a gift card:

  • When you create a one-time use $10 "gift card" coupon, by default customers can purchase any number of products and get $10 off of each product they order. To prevent this, the "gift card" offer would need to be created to be limited to a single product so that it gives $10 off of a single product and not every product.
  • Coupons apply at the product level, not the order level. There is no way to offer a coupon for $10 off of an order. You can do $10 off of a single product, or $5 off of two products, but that product count limit must be defined at the discount offer level.
  • There is no way to retain value on a coupon, like one would expect for a gift card. Once the coupon is applied, even if not used "in full" the coupon is considered used and cannot be applied to another order. If a customer receives a gift card coupon for $10 and then purchases a $6 product, the remaining $4 balance on the coupon disappears. The entire gift card coupon needs to be applied during a single order.


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