Release 2009.06.22

  • Coupon use limits / restrictions

    Allows a maximum number of successful uses to be set for a coupon. If the maximum is reached the coupon is no longer valid for new orders.
  • Range based coupon codes

    Create many separate coupons codes by specifying a prefix and numerical range such as ABC1001, ABC1002, etc. A customizable increment allows spacing out the values such as ABC1001, ABC1004, ABC1007, etc.
  • Real-time 48 hour bar chart of sales activity.

    Quickly understand recent hour-by-hour performance.
  • Use Google CDN for hosting the store javascript library

    Improves overall store performance globally.
  • New CSS class for triggering the inline display of volume pricing above the product description.

    Set the CSS class of "store-style-product-detail-inline-volume-pricing" in the product description's CSS tab.
  • Coupons reset shipping prices

  • Visual reports / charts not displaying data beyond 30 days

  • Short order process does not honor the disabled currency estimates setting for the first page view

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