Release 2009.09.29

  • Email fulfillment / web fulfillment preview UI

    Preview changes to email fulfillment actions without repeatedly placing new test orders.
  • Order / customer support built-in user role

    New user role available when adding users which restricts them to order related functionality only (search, refund, resend emails, POs, etc).
  • Change new "Coupon Use" and "Sources" pie charts to only show qualified sales

    Small coupon or source use is no longer overshadowed by a disproportionately large "none" category.
  • Move Sources functionality out of "External Tracking" area and into main store UI

    Give more prominence to "Sources" functionality which is used to qualify traffic sources such as promotions, partners, and other links.
  • Resuming a custom order with no address caused an order failure in some cases

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