Release 2009.11.01

  • UI Update

    Store test button on every page, 50% smaller javascript, reporting changes, and overall improved consistency.
  • Translated HTML post-order email / receipt

    Post-order email / receipt now supports non-English translations and is sent with HTML formatting (with plain text alternative).
  • "Free" discount type and $0 custom orders

    Create discounts which allow $0 orders, and create $0 custom orders via the order creator. This may be useful if you have news outlets or beta testers who you'd like to distribute your product to using the normal fulfillment process.
  • Improved file download handling

    Start download immediately rather than displaying an intermediary page. Only recognize file download attempts every 60 seconds to prevent double clicking and other behaviors from exhausting available attempts too quickly.
  • Multi-currency conversion utility

    Easily convert USD prices to supported currencies based on recent exchange rates.
  • Include or exclude multiple products from offers using product "tags"

    Using product "tags" and a Tag Condition on the offer it is now possible to include or exclude multiple products based on specific tags defined on the products.
  • Reset password link on login page, and automatic password option for new users

    Users may reset forgotten passwords using company ID and email address.
  • Allow 9 digit phone numbers for Ireland and New Zealand

    Better meets expectations of customers from those countries.
  • Use more applicable store style on custom orders and purchase orders

    Previously only the default style was used, and any product or source specific styles were ignored.
  • Manually approved PO orders should get a risk pass like custom orders

    Skip the regular risk checking routines for manually approved purchase orders.
  • Inspect HTTP referrer header for recognized parameters

    Prevents some email client and browser scenarios from not passing coupon=XYZ properly by looking in an additional location for supported parameters.
  • Dynamic / binary / file-based license support

    Using a MIME 1.0 format, file based licenses may be created (XML, JPG, etc). Generated license files are downloadable for a limited period of time from a secure URL.
  • AquaticPrime 3rd party license generator support
  • Files greater than 2GB did not display the correct file size

  • Store product page quantity validation did not use translation files

  • Variable quantity select one product options should not auto-select when quantity is entered

  • Add Javascript documentation for tracking source based links on external / non-FastSpring pages

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