Release 2009.12.22

  • Improved store support for javascript-disabled users

    CSS based support for disabled javascript which no longer requires a redirect to activate.
  • Display $0 days in visual reporting

    Provides a clearer view of activity for no-sale days against days with sales.
  • Generate a single order ID for custom orders from creation to completion

    Provides better opportunity for tracking a custom order externally.
  • Recognize full width spaces (Japanese / Chinese) during order process

    Improved international support.
  • Reduce required phone field length for non-US addresses

    Improved international support.
  • Added exchange rate to available calculated price parameters

    Allows automatically calculated non-USD prices according to recent USD exchange rates.
  • Pass store catalog URL as a parameter

    Use the "catalog" parameter in form posts to override the "continue shopping" catalog URL.
  • Italian store translation update

  • Miscellaneous file uploader help and usability improvements

  • Adding more than 30 remote URL parameters causes existing parameters to be deleted

  • Cross-sell popup links should not encode session information if going offsite

  • Variable documentation fixes, and fix returned value of "total discount" variable

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