Release 2009.12.29

  • New coupon code generation type for multiple random coupon codes

    Generates batches of random coupon codes to be associated with a given offer. New batches may be added to the set of existing random codes at anytime.
  • Reduce the delay in recognizing live store changes for new visitors to less than 1 minute

    Previous delay was 10 minutes. Allows changes to the live store to be reflected more quickly to new visitors.
  • Separate test and active mode links into separate tabs on the store testing popup

    Quicker and clearer access to the two types of testing links.
  • Optionally specify a source when creating a custom order from the order creator tool

    Displays a drop down menu if using sources to optionally associate a source with a custom order.
  • PHP script example added to price UI for automatically calculating a non-USD price from a USD price

    Allows non-USD pricing to follow recent USD exchange rates, rather than being fixed to a certain amount.
  • Resolved free coupon code security issue where removing the coupon code could still allow an order to complete without payment

  • Adding new parameters to a remote HTTP notification setup could cause existing parameters to be silently removed

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