Release 2010.01.11

  • Partial amount refunds

    Adds support for refunding custom amounts, in addition to previous support for refunding individual line items.
  • Coupon listing UI

    Quicker access to all defined coupons in a single UI (via "Offers"), without drilling down to individual offers.
  • New cancel action for "pending payment" custom orders and purchase orders

    Allows cleaning up orders that will not be paid.
  • Clickable order rows in "Sales Detail" report

    Provides direct access to orders from the listing.
  • Template based single and multi-product listing pages (advanced)

    Use special XML tags to create custom single and multi-product listing pages (for special cases only, via "Product Pages / URLs").
  • New Arabic store translaction, and French store translation update

  • Add MS Word (.doc) format to supported file download types

  • Remove word "software" from billing reminder emails

  • XML notification format example

  • USD conversion utility not applying +5% and +10% examples correctly

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