Release 2010.02.04

  • EU VAT gross pricing mode

    This new pricing mode subtracts VAT tax from the price defined in your store, instead of adding VAT tax to the price defined in your store. Using this mode allows EU customers to see a consistent total product price throughout the checkout process. See the setting for more information ("Store Settings -> International" tab).
  • New survey form selection UI

    Simpler interface for defining multiple selections for radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop down menus on survey forms. Each display value also supports multi-language templates.
  • More prominent status change action

    The status change action has been moved to a more prominent and dedicated box in the upper right of many pages. Previously status changes (Test, Active, Disabled) were only possible by clicking the small status icon in the navigation bar.
  • Post-order license name and license code editing

    Orders with a single license code now allow editing of the license name and license code after the order has been placed. This allows the order record to reflect unexpected changes or corrections to the license information.
  • Radio button selection support for advanced template pages

    Adding to the previous support of checkboxes in template based product pages, radio button selection is now also supported.
  • Changing the status of an item via the SpringBoard, without saving anything else, was not recognized by the live site cache as an update.

  • Container products using the short order process only allowed credit card payments, and did not show other payment methods

  • Recent orders graph / bar chart did not correctly take into account multiple stores

  • Tags were not correctly stored with the order and available for fulfillment emails

  • Randomly generated coupons code were case sensitive, and are now correctly case insensitive

  • Added examples to template based product pages for checkbox and radio button product selection

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