Release 2010.03.04

  • Improved performance and reliability of store style loading (images, CSS, etc)

  • Improved reliability of the AquaticPrime license generator

  • Added offer based sales report (coupons, cross-sells, etc)

  • Split product sales and product refunds report into two separate reports

  • Czech store translation

  • Usernames and permissions may now be edited after initial user creation

  • Allow inline CSS for template based product pages

  • Split advanced multi-product setup flows into two separate setup processes

  • Multiple spaces in the middle of a customer's name should be trimmed to one space

  • Email fulfillment preview was using the oldest order instead of the newest

  • Entering a VAT ID in the store without first clicking "update" did not exempt

  • Currency estimate message on confirm page did not take into account VAT

  • Exchange rate estimates presented in the store were too low

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