Release 2010.04.13

  • Direct deposit support for client payments to Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom banks

    In addition to US support, direct deposits are now supported at banks in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Direct deposits do not have a transfer fee from FastSpring, however fees at the receiving bank may still apply. If you are already setup for a wire transfer in one of these countries then you must setup a new "Direct Deposit" payment method separately to take advantage.
  • New dedicated email servers

    Improved internal tracking and reliability for all outbound emails (receipts, license emails, notifications, etc).
  • American Express support for the currencies EUR, GBP, JPY, and AUD

    Previously only USD was available for American Express customers.
  • Recent orders chart and detail listing are now focused on the current day in progress

    Easier comparison between recent orders for the day in progress, and the charts for already completed days.
  • CocoaFOB / phpFOB third party license generator support

    CocoaFOB is a secure, asymmetric, cryptography-based key generation technique using DSA.
  • Survey form field improvements

    Form field display and description maximum length were doubled, form titles now allow translations, and validation messages for translated form fields now display correctly.
  • Private key for remote license generator security is now editable

    Allows customization of the private key, and for multiple remote license generators to share a common key.
  • Ignore company values entered of "-", "--", "---", "na", "n/a", and "none" (case insensitive)

    Provides better data to license generators which use the customer's company name.
  • Allow amount-off discounts to apply to product options

    Previously only percent-off discounts could apply to product options.
  • Set a custom referrer as a last step in the order process, rather than the first step

    Allows custom referrers to change in the middle of an order by using the most recently passed custom referrer.
  • Remember and restore certain order information without cookies

    For certain scenarios custom referrer data and customer country selection are remembered even if cookies are disabled.
  • New charting library with support for major mobile devices

    New non-flash charting library for support of major mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Customer's / country / language / currency not remembered after session expiration, potentially causing a USD store to load when non-USD would be correct

  • Survey result export CSV contains extra / unused columns

  • Payment notifications to split pay payee accounts showed a greeting to the main account instead of the payee account

  • Update PHP license generator parameter document to clarify available fields

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