Release 2010.06.21

  • Acutrack CD shipment integration

    Acutrack is a third party provider of on-demand CD duplication services. The integration enables realtime notification of Acutrack shipments as a part of order fulfillment. Note: requires a separate account with Acutrack.
  • Amazon Cloudfront now used for common store images

    Many images common to all stores are now served from Amazon Cloudfront for improved page loading performance in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Coupon code order search

    Search for orders which use a specific coupon code with the search phrase "coupon XYZ123" (example).
  • Report snapshot performance improvements

    Last 24 hour report loading performance has been improved (column chart and detail table).
  • Customer printable receipts locale and date consistency improved

    The locale and date used for the viewing the printable receipt / invoice is now consistent with the locale the customer used to place the original order.
  • Simplified product catalog UI actions

    Several actions from the product catalog UI were moved to more suitable locations. Product option setup has moved to the product UI, and multi-product page setup has moved to Store Home -> "Product Pages".
  • Upgrade PHP scripting library for advanced store setups

    This upgrade provides better compatibility and performance for certain PHP scripts used in advanced license and pricing setups.
  • Add "Excluding GST" for Australian orders

    Indicate to Australian customers that the order total does not include GST.
  • Zero amount (0.00) tax line was showing for non-US and non-EU countries where no tax is applicable.

  • Store-wide discounts were applying to file backup offers.

  • IE7 / IE8 display of cross-sell items in SpringBoard was incorrect and difficult to use.

  • Product option editor would occasionally delete newly created groups and options.

  • IBAN field did not validate correctly for UK direct deposit setups.

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