Release 2010.07.31

  • Windows embedded web store SDK (beta)

    A beta version of the Windows embedded web store SDK is now available. The SDK contains the full source code to a C# class library project which you can reference from a VisualStudio solution. It includes functionality to capture post purchase delivery information, such as licenses, allowing the application to automatically activate after successful purchase. See "Store Settings" to view the setup help file and download link.
  • Added Turkish and Traditional Chinese translations

    Improved international support for visitors in Turkey and China.
  • Increased product description maximum length to 32000 characters

    Allows for longer multi-language product description templates.
  • Remote license generator now displays full request / response headers

    Improves debugging of remote license generator fulfillment setups.
  • Added direct deposit support for Germany

    Germany based clients may now receive payments via direct deposit instead of international wire transfer. Direct deposits are less expensive to process and receive than wire transfers.
  • Increased randomness of order references / IDs

  • Added RAR file support for file download fulfillment

  • Multi-product container pages may now be deleted from the UI

  • Disabled exit popup for embedded web store purchases

  • Test orders placed via SpringBoard could fail if a company name wasn't entered

  • Visual reports incorrectly reset their already compiled historical data, causing report loading lags and timeouts on repeat visits

  • File not found / 404 occurred when clicking an item in order detail report for IE8

  • Pound and Euro signs from multi-currency values used in product descriptions were not HTML encoded when displayed in the store

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