Release 2010.08.31

  • New documentation / support homepage

    Browse all help content by category, and search for help by keyword.
  • Smarter coupon validation for expired discounts

    Coupon codes for expired discounts now show a message to the buyer, instead of silently not applying the discount.
  • New CSS based SpringBoard product drop down menus

    Improves compatibility of SpringBoard with long product names, and products with separate display names.
  • Date / number localization for data exports

    When creating a data export choose your language to affect the display of exported dates and numbers.
  • Tightened download policies

    Number of days and number of attempts were reduced based on client feedback.
  • Connect custom referrer values with survey form fields

    In addition to passing a custom referrer via a url parameter (?referrer=XYZ), it is now possible to tie the custom referrer to a survey form field by giving it the special name "custom_referrer".
  • Minor update to Mac Embedded SDK

  • Empty value radio / checkbox support in freeform product page templates

  • Increase max style file size to 512K

  • Singapore store language should default to English instead of Chinese

  • Adding a child option product using the same product as the main product fails

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