PayPal Processing Issues [Resolved]


All pending PayPal orders have been processed.  The end result of the last few days of PayPal issues:

  1. Buyers: experienced a normal purchasing and delivery experience with no delays.
  2. Sellers: because the order was pending payment, it was not yet completed.  Therefore as we processed the orders in the background, you may have received many order notifications at once.  From a reporting standpoint there will be more orders grouped on the final day of processing, even though the order technically "began" prior.


The number of pending PayPal orders was more widespread than we originally estimated.  We've received word from PayPal that the issue is now resolved on their end, and we are currently in the process of reprocessing / completing these pending orders.  This notice will be updated again when the orders have finished processing.  As originally mentioned, the customer would have received their delivered product license code, download URL, etc, without experiencing any delay.

Original Notice

For approximately 3 hours this morning PayPal was unable to complete the final step of order settlement.  From the customer's standpoint these orders appear to be fully completed.  In most cases the customer has received their license code, download URL, etc, depending on your delivery method.  However you will not yet have received an order notification for these orders until this final step is completed.  PayPal assures us that their engineers are working on the problem and that it is a top priority for them.  Once we receive word from PayPal we will be able to complete order processing.

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