Release 2010.09.30

  • Added option to select English language for the detected customer country, when English is not the default language of the detected country

  • Added custom ways to fire fulfillment actions for subscriptions

    Fulfillment actions may now be fired for all orders, the first order, or only future rebills.
  • For non-USD currencies HTML characters were incorrectly displayed on the confirmation page's subscription display

  • Added product name to subscription API XML

  • Advanced style options may now be easily configured with checkboxes

    Store style options such as hiding a coupon were previously undocumented and difficult to configure. These options are now available as simple checkboxes.
  • Syntax color highlighting editor for template pages (XML) and license scripts (PHP / Javascript)

    Edit code in a more familiar and easy to use syntax highlighting editor.
  • Added support for Javascript license generators and pricing calculators

    In addition to PHP, Javascript is now a supported scripting language for license generators and custom pricing calculators.
  • Improved Unicode support for PHP license generators

    PHP license generators now have access to a "name_unicode" array which contains integer code points for the characters in the name. See the license generator page for documentation.
  • Added HTTP notification support for Soap 1.2 content type

  • Added support for order "tags" in script license generators

  • Added support for Base64 encoded CocoaFOB license URLs.

  • Remote license security hash for the "Person Name + Optional Company Name" option was incorrect

  • SpringBoard users with the "order support" role could not download note attachments

  • SpringBoard users with the "store administrator" role could not change statuses (active, test, etc).

  • Firefox shows a horizontal scroll bar on most SpringBoard screens

  • Validation messages for product option group titles did not support HTML

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