Release 2010.11.23

  • Improved language selection for English users in non-English speaking countries

    Added option to country / language drop down to select English language when English is not the default language of the detected country.
  • Google Analytics support for advanced configuration options

    _setDomainName, _addIgnoredRef, _setCustomVar. An "Exclude Taxes" option has also been added, which is the new default setting.
  • Use transparent backgrounds for CVV help images on confirmation page

    Improves compatibility with store styles on non-white backgrounds.
  • CSS based displayed of quantity value for shopping cart line items

    Allows greater control over displaying a line item's quantity using CSS and translation files.
  • Use the most recent HTTP referrer for continue shopping buttons / links

    Returns the buyer back to the page they most recently came from on your website, rather than the original page they used to "start" the order.
  • Reset sources for each call to the create order API

  • Duplicate product functionality

    Quickly duplicate key product settings.
  • HTTP notification failure logging and retries

    Display failed HTTP notifications with options to delete and retry (Reports -> Order Issues).
  • Multiple split rules may now apply per product / line item

    Split revenue from a single product to multiple parties.
  • Remote URL validation of survey field values

    Survey field values may be validated on a remote server, for example to validate a customer who is entering a previous license code.
  • Improved support for native web browser password managers on SpringBoard login

  • Added file download support for EPUB, FLC, and M4V

  • Added delete action to multi-product template pages

  • Acutrack shipping options may now be customized

  • "View All Product Prices" now shows more information for product option prices

  • Enable country based shipping prices for Javascript based calculated prices

  • Unified the path navigation bar and main toolbar into a single top bar

  • A custom referrer value may be specified when creating a custom order (Order Creator)

  • Ability to add administrative / order support notes to subscriptions

  • Reporting of total subscribers, outstanding subscribers, and upcoming rebills

  • Subscription cancellation API

  • File uploader should accept periods in the file names

  • ShareASale tracking should send USD values only

  • Report permissions do not allow payees to view generated exports

  • Data exports stop at the beginning of the specified end date, rather than using the full end date

  • Report legend shows 0.00 items, but the pie chart does not, leading to mismatched legend colors

  • VAT ID checking was no longer working, and required updating to the new EU specification

  • Survey fields are not displayed for resumed custom orders

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