Release 2011.01.23

  • Price localization API updated to handle non-USD currencies more closely to the live store behavior

  • Multiple surveys are now sorted by their display name / title

  • Mac Embedded Web Store SDK updated with improved handling of internet connection issues

  • Added free trial period support, which collects credit card information upfront and charges at the next period

  • Added support for a first period price that is different from the normal recurring price

  • Subscription purchases may now be placed into a test mode outside of SpringBoard (?mode=test)

  • New subscription update API to submit plan / product changes

  • Username / password authentication now supported for HTTP notifications

  • Downloaded data exports now use descriptive file names which include the date

  • Added "Returns by Country" pie chart

  • AquaticPrime license generation customization: custom fixed value parameter, and custom file MIME type

  • Simplified "Store Testing" dialog

  • Unified the "Product Catalog" and "Product Pages" areas into a single 'Products and Pages' area

  • Products may now be organized into named groups for management purposes

  • Improved organization of the report data export creation UI, and grouped related report types

  • Creating a data export fails when navigating from "Account"

  • Embedded web store failures when extended Unicode characters are used for the order

  • Special characters in store testing URL parameters were not encoded as expected

  • Newlines in HTTP parameter values were not retained for retries

  • Report dashboard date selector presets did not work in non-English locales

  • Greece VAT country prefix corrected to "EL", instead of ISO "GR"

  • File sizes for uploaded files greater than 2GB were not recognized

  • Product images could not be uploaded from the Chrome browser

  • Reseting the custom email format of a notification rule failed in IE8

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