Release 2011.02.20

  • Additional exchange rate providers added for accuracy and redundancy

  • Added "Main Website URL" of the store to the printable invoice / receipt

  • Allow customization of the default CD and digital file backup offer phrases

  • Increased default number of randomly generated coupon characters, and allow the number of random characters to be customized

  • Added support for Yearly subscriptions

  • Added support for On-Demand subscriptions

    On-Demand subscriptions allow you to define your own billing schedule via the API.
  • Update / reset end date via the change subscription API

  • Update quantity via the change subscription API

  • Reorganized the notification area and promoted to top level toolbar button

  • Allow specific random coupons to be marked as "used" through the coupon UI

  • PDF license stamping

    Automatically add license information to each page of a PDF file.
  • Added download support for the WMA file type

  • iPad: Several SpringBoard text areas were not editable

  • IE8: Order creator failed when adding products

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