Release 2011.03.18

  • Coupons may now be validated against the customer's email address

    A typical use for this is to provide coupons only intended for a specific domain such as ".edu".
  • Display order contents in PayPal's new order summary widget

  • Improved display and handling of quantity based subscriptions during checkout

  • Multi-currency support is now enabled for subscriptions

  • First trial period length may now be different than the recurring period length

  • Added new notification type for receiving an email or HTTP post when the buyer's payment first fails

  • Send a reminder email to the buyer when switching from the trial period to the normal billing cycle

  • Allow specifying a custom first period price during product setup

  • Added outstanding / payment followup subscriptions to the "Order Issues" report

  • Added "Active Subscribers" CSV data export

  • Added "endDate" to the subscription GET and DELETE APIs

  • Added support for ".ico" type favicon's

  • Added order total USD and item totals to embedded store XML data

  • Cross-sell items did not recognize changes to currency / order environment

  • File downloads and license downloads were incorrectly allowed for refunded products

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