Release 2011.05.03

  • Apply customer VAT IDs to subsequent rebills for correct tax exemption

  • Display VAT ID entry even for trial subscriptions, and provide a way to update a VAT ID via UI

  • Coupons may now be applied to subscriptions after creation, via UI and change plan API

  • Simplified certain order statuses to a single "Pending Payment" order status

  • Moved product URL path editing to Product Settings

  • Added support for SoftwarePassport hardware ID locking

  • Updates to downloadable files may now be done with a native browser upload option

  • Removed separate "Update" button for product image uploads

  • Highlight the working product when viewing the test links popup

  • Added support for Android packages as a file type

  • Added support for the .mobi file type

  • CocoaFOB activation URLs were not encoded properly

  • File downloads were not allowed for partially refunded products

  • Subscription cancelation occurring on the last day before a rebill was incorrectly resulting in a rebill

  • Subscription prices were not formatted correctly in some cases

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