Release 2011.06.08

  • On-demand subscriptions now automatically handle payment follow-up steps for failed renewals.

  • 90-Day, 12-Week, and 6-Month subscription options have been Added.

  • Now supporting a 1-time payment "subscription," creating consistency to other subscriptions.

  • Source specific styles are now recognized when visiting the customer subscription URL.

  • Each order rebill has a custom referrer for easier access via notifications.

  • Added nextPeriodDate to subscription API.

  • Changed VAT ID checking technique to improve speed and reliability.

  • Full examples are now displayed in the expression language variable browser.

  • Added support for XLS / Excel as a downloadable file type.

  • Allow for link sources in multiple stores.

  • Multiple store account homepage now displays as an order search input.

  • PDF license stamper now passes company name.

  • Belarus and other countries with no fractional digits now display USD correctly.

  • SoftwarePassport license generator reliability issues were addressed.

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