Release 2011.07.03

  • Subscription lengths expanded.

    Want to charge a little more less often? There are two new subscription lengths now available. Edit your existing products using your subscription product settings to choose lengths of 2 or 3 years as periods for rebills.
  • Improvements to subscription tracking.

    Now your order notifications include an attribute called isRebill. This allows you to easily see the difference between new customers and current customers. Add this attribute to what you export from SpringBoard and start collecting more information about your new versus recurring sales.
  • Fixed inconsistent display of View Details.

    Now the View Details link will only show for your subscription products when a cross sell is offered. Previously this link showed on all subscription products regardless of any cross sell offers associated with the Within Order Contents cross sell location. Whew - that was a mouthful.
  • Cookie support and Link Source traffic.

    In the documentation about Link Source traffic there is javascript available for you to track traffic from your website to your store. Using the new Link Source traffic script helps your marketing relationships by allowing them to point traffic to any page on your website, not just the order page.
  • Google Analytics Cross Domain Linking Improved

    In Google Analytics, when a form post link option was used, to track traffic to your store you had to modify all of your order page URLs. Not any more! Now when using Google Analytics the cross domain linking parameters are retained for you.
  • Easier Custom Order creation.

    Each time you add a line item and choose the product from the drop down list, the price is now automatically added for you as you move through the Order Creator.
  • Custom Order payment reminder.

    Management of your custom orders just became easier. With the check of a box, SpringBoard will automatically send a customizable payment reminder / instruction email to your customers. This email will contain a payment URL automatically saving you time while providing more information for your customer.
  • Custom Order cross sells fixed.

    No cross sells will show for custom orders.
  • Fix to back up offers and store wide discounts.

    When you offered a store wide or cart wide coupon or discount, the store was applying that discount to file backup CD and the extended download service. That discount was affected the price you sent for these backup offers, and now when you have a discount or offer that applies to the entire shopping cart back up offers are excluded.
  • Translate back up offers.

    In your translation file, descriptions of the back up offers are now included. Use our default descriptions or create your own for maximum customization.
  • Displaying your file backup offers.

    When creating file back up offers, you now have the ability to choose to display them at the top or the bottom of the order page, which matches the functionality of how your other offers can be displayed.
  • New countries added to direct deposit payment option.

    FastSpring has added 15 additional countries that can receive payments using direct deposit. Here is the complete list:

    US | Canada | Mexico | Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Cypress | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Gibraltar | Greece | Hungary | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | Latvia | Lichtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom

    To update your payment information to become direct deposit, log into SpringBoard and click the Account button at the top right. Click Edit for your payment method, select your country, and provide your bank details.
  • Survey form field selections now support multi-language / templates.

  • "View All Product Prices" now allows sorting of the columns.

  • Coupon types "fixed" and "range" did now correctly handle coupon use limits (1501).

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