Release 2011.08.02

  • Ordering Improvement for improved customer experience.

    Puerto Rico now is in the US state drop down box. We had Puerto Rico listed as a country. From support requests and PayPal integration points Puerto Rico may be treated as a state of the US, not always as it’s own country. So, you and your customers will find Puerto Rico in the State and Country drop down boxes.

    Cross-Sell Item Display Update. Multi-lingual cross-sell item displays did not always have enough space. We’ve increased the length of the field to accommodate long translation templates.

    To ensure that your customers receive their email receipts and any emailed electronic delivery information, the shopping cart will auto-correct common typos (ie. or

  • Additional multilingual support includes product names.

    Product names now can be translated. The process is the same as adding multi-lingual descriptions. Set up your translated product name in the product’s Description and Image section by using the Display Template field.

  • Additional Physical Fulfillment Offering.

    SpringBoard now supports CustomCD, whose predecessor is SwiftCD. You will find set up options in each product’s Fulfillment Actions section.

  • Customer Email Receipt Enhancement.

    After your customer receives their email receipt, they have an option to view a printable receipt. For their convenience, we’ve added your website and main support contact email address.

    You can always update what shows in your receipts by visiting Product and Settings > Store Settings > Support Contact tab.

    PS. Don’t forget that you can customize what contact and support information is shown at the end of the order process by including it in your email signature (also in the Support Contact tab).

  • More mobile support.

    Add a style specifically to show when your store is viewed from mobile devices. Make sure and also utilize the now supported viewport meta tag.

    After you add your style and activate it, add an Order Environment condition and choose the mobile device(s) you’d like to display the style for. Conditions for your styles allow you to change the look of your to match the look and feel to different marketing campaigns.

  • Bug Fixes

    Updating a subscription through API no longer cause a 412 error in certain cases.

    Subscriptions with a free first period discount offers display correctly.

    FsprgEmbeddedStore for MacOS no longer interferes with text/xml Safari.

    Subscription "first period ending" reminder notifications now always send at correct times.

  • Improved SpringBoard User Management.

    Your disabled users are now visually less prominent in your user list.

  • Updated Reporting Legend.

    The categories are now sorted by descending value and dates are newest to oldest.

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