Release 2011.09.03

  • A dynamic first period subscription length is now supported via a URL parameter.
  • Added page level CSS to the dedicated product offers cross-sell page.
  • Custom orders created via the Order Creator now display a checkbox for CD / DVD file backup, for applicable products only.
  • Czech translation correction and update.
  • Empty license responses from a remote server are now treated as a failure.
  • Added license name option for full name + email + optional company.
  • Added "Reset Attempts Only" action to File Fulfillment UI.
  • Trailing spaces are now stripped from entered company names.
  • Products and Pages groups may now be selected from a drop down menu instead of re-entering existing groups.
  • Added support for .pkg downloadable files.
  • VAT ID field was moved next to the VAT tax field during checkout.
  • ags and tag based pricing are now supported for subscriptions.
  • ?option=purchaser did not support multiple options separated by commas.
  • An incorrect subscription event history of "UPGRADED" was logged if switching from 1+ year to a lower period.
  • Subscription first period reminder email was incorrectly sent in certain cases.
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