Release 2011.10.03

  • Subscriptions now support PayPal as an additional payment option.

  • Improved wording on customer subscription page after pro-rating had occurred.

  • New native currencies supported for both credit cards and PayPal: CHF,DKK,HKD,NZD,SGD.

  • Added Korean store translation.

  • An easier method of translating email / web fulfillment messages has been added via the "Phrases" tab.

  • A store style option is now available to enable a "confirm email address" field during checkout.

  • Added JCB credit card payment support for Japanese customers.

  • Surveys may now be selectively displayed based on customer's language (Order Environment Condition).

  • Added "Expand All" and "Collapse All" actions for product groups in the "Products and Pages" UI.

  • Users may now be configured for access to SpringBoard only, API only, or both.

  • Enabled the "After Product Detail, Dedicated Page" cross-sell location for container pages.

  • Improved back button handling for "After Product Detail, Dedicated Page" -- when no offers are available, the product detail page is now displayed.

  • Added support for iframe and HTML5 data attributes in external tracking templates, for Facebook integration options.

  • Added "tags" attribute to subscription variable for template use (#{subscription.tags}).

  • Improved SpringBoard multi-currency price widget, and only currencies in use are displayed.

  • Template page creation UI now automatically generates an initial template XML based on certain options, for getting started more quickly.

  • PowerPoint files (pptx) are now supported as downloadable files.

  • Template page pricing and display did not reflect changes to currency / country.

  • "Store Order Support" users could not access order notes.

  • Report CSV's now display the full product name for long product names.

  • Order Creator did not allow single character first and last names.

  • Backup CDs displayed a redundant strikethrough price when a store wide offer was in place.

  • "After Product Detail, Dedicated Page" was missing a hidden back button like other pages.

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