Release 2011.11.12

  • Offers / discounts may now be applied to subscriptions for a limited number of periods.

  • "Order Search" will now directly show the Subscription detail UI when entering a subscription reference.

  • Custom referrers / identifiers may now be searched via "Order Search". Example: referrer XYZ123

  • Added screening of US government denied parties.

  • Added subscription periods: 8 week, 2 month, 45 day.

  • Multi-language phrases on email templates now support parameters and multiple lines.

  • Added source information to the Subscription template variable.

  • Improve prominence and visibility of the VAT ID field displayed to customers during checkout.

  • Order Environment Condition tags did not activate styles when used on template pages.

  • Updating a subscription's quantity did not reflect in an order's description for calculated pricing.

  • When passing subscription quantity via the order API link option, quantity was not displayed on the order contents page.

  • No payment methods were displayed when using "/instant" style links for a container page, default to credit card.

  • Multi-quantity VAT orders via PayPal failed to proceed to PayPal.

  • An error occurred when attempting to add the same link source to multiple stores.

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