Release 2012.01.14

Visit the blog post about this release for more detailed information.


  • Bank Transfers are now supported as an optional store payment method.

  • Downloadable files and license generators are now re-usable across multiple products.

  • A store's locale selection behavior is now customizable (country, currency, language).

  • Custom referrers are now editable on orders and subscriptions.

  • All downloadable files types are now supported. Previously only specific file extensions were allowed.

  • Subscription related phrases used during the checkout process are now translated for the top visitor languages.

  • Self-signed and unsupported root certificates are now allowed for SSL via the "trust://" protocol. Prefix this protocol on URLs for use in notification and licenses.

  • Added productPath attribute to the order item and subscription template variables.

  • Added coupon code attribute to the order item template variable.

  • Order Creator UI now validates the phone number field according to the same validation as the store, if a physical address is entered.

  • The phone number validation message in the store now reports the correct number of digits depending on the country.

  • Dutch translation updates. Product display names were added to the "View All Product Prices" UI.

  • The email address to receive low license count notification is now customizable.

  • Added new functions to the JavaScript license environment for DSA signing and base64.

  • Added "Original Reference" column to Order and Order Item CSVs to allow association of returns to original orders.

  • Added support for custom style messages in offer titles / displays.

  • The customer subscription page incorrectly performed price estimation (automatic currency conversion), instead of using the currency information on the subscription.

  • $0.00 trial subscriptions without a non-USD price did not get converted pricing when the store allowed non-USD for other products.

  • Fulfillment actions were not created for bundled product options in certain situations.

  • Google Adwords now always uses the USD value of a transaction.

  • PayPal subscription updates failed if the subscription was not USD.

  • The email license name type was not retained for licenses created on rebills.

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