Release 2012.02.11

SpringBoard’s newest release features improved monitoring and system performance, as well as minor bug fixes.

A few highlights from this release:
  • The product images / box shots displayed during the customer order process are now served from dedicated servers for improved performance.
  • The display of product detail pages during the customer order process is now 15-20% faster due to improvements in store caching.
  • Style template functionality has been upgraded.  Style templates now support multiple CSS files; they maintain the order of CSS files as listed in the xhtml file’s head section; they support JavaScript in the head; and they support the media attribute for CSS.
  • When using the Order Creator, you can now select any of FastSpring's supported currencies.
  • Starting March 1, for non-US clients, if PayPal is the payment method by which FastSpring pays you, transfers made to PayPal accounts will incur a 2% fee up to a maximum of $20 USD.

Bug fixes in this release:
  • Updating a downloadable file fulfillment action for a product can be done via the Existing File option.
  • Calculated tag pricing now works correctly with Subscriptions. 
  • The Bank Transfer option now displays correctly with all page linking options. 
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