Release 2012.03.04

SpringBoard’s newest release features improvements to order page speed, licensing, and language translations, as well as minor bug fixes. Visit the blog post about this release for more detailed information.

A few highlights from this release:

  • Store checkout pages are now reduced in size (bytes) an average of 30%, thereby reducing loading times for customers.
  • A new user role, called “Store Maintainer” has been added to SpringBoard to allow access to all store functionality except reporting and accounting. This will allow a company’s employees to make changes to the store (such as updating products) while limiting them from information regarding sales data.
  • Multiple Google Analytics and Googe Adwords tracking definitions are now allowed on stores.
  • Store checkout page messages are now automatically translated to Greek.
  • A new third party license generator, GameShield, is now supported within SpringBoard.
  • For the AquaticPrime license generator, two additional static fields have been added so that you can send additional information to create licenses.
  • The “Pay Now” option has been removed after a customer chooses Bank Transfer as the payment method. This was an extra option that proved to be too confusing for customers.
  • For better clarification, custom orders now display the subscription terms during the checkout process.
  • An optional product display name field has been added to all product creation user interfaces.
  • When you change a subscription, there are several variables that can impact the price. A preview screen is now displayed when changing a subscription’s plan or attributes to allow you compare the before and after of making any change before processing the change.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Subscription email notifications, which are sent to customers to update outdated credit card information, can now be translated into languages other than English.
  • The PayPay item description now shows the expected price for subscriptions with a quantity greater than one.
  • The Euro currency symbol is now displayed properly for specific country and language combinations.
  • The Notifications Issues user interface is now accessible to the store administrator user role.
  • On-demand subscriptions now automatically execute a re-bill after a customer updates failed credit card information.
  • The presentation of non credit card payment methods now properly matches the store settings when in test mode. As an example, if you have PayPal disabled in Store Settings, then PayPal will not show up as a payment method option when in test mode.
  • Custom orders, which cannot have a special first period price, are now correctly being displayed.
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