Malware Notice [Resolved]

At approximately 5:00 PM Pacific March 5th, Google generated a Safe Browsing flag on our domain due to a malware attack on our marketing pages.

The malware was located on only, which is in a separate data center and physical location than our store servers / ordering pages.   There was no problem with our store servers / order pages or SpringBoard -- our e-commerce sites were not hacked and there was no data breach of any kind.

Unfortunately the way Google handles this is that it generates warnings for any * URL, regardless of the subdomain such as and  Therefore even though the malware issue was only on our geographically separate marketing website, the notice still applied to visitors of stores and SpringBoard.

We immediately corrected the problem on and submitted a request to Google to take our domain off the list.  This caused the site to go back into an automated review queue at Google pending a second review and removal from their list.  At approximately 11:30 PM Pacific  Google had restored our domain's status as "not suspicious" and normal traffic began flowing back to the stores.

We apologize for this happening and will of course take additional measures where possible to ensure it does not happen again.  Even though it is only a marketing website we need to treat much more critically in terms of its monitoring and protection.

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