Release 2012.06.13

SpringBoard’s newest release features improvements to random coupons, style options, license generation, localization, and custom order options, as well as minor bug fixes. 

A few highlights from this release:

  • Improved user interface for accessing and retrieving previously generated random coupon batches.
  • Added the ability to generate and retrieve a random coupon via an API. A maximum of 10,000 coupons may be randomly generated each day. 
  • Ability added to hide the Edit, Remove, and Update Quantity actions in FastSpring stores. The JCB credit card icon is now available via the style icon set option named "Payment Method Icon Set 3." These options can be altered by going to SpringBoard Store Home » Styles. Then click on the style name and switch options.
  • 60 day time period added for subscription products.
  • Licenses may now be re-generated for completed orders by editing the order's customer contact information. If customers have entered their contact information incorrectly, of if customers need to change their license name in any way, a new license can be automatically generated for them and assigned to the order.
  • Customer contact information may now be edited via the Subscription user interface.
  • When creating custom orders, "Add Digital File Backup" is now an available option and customer language may now be chosen. In addition, customer order payment reminder and instruction emails are now available for customization and translation.
  • Files can now be uploaded using a Flash-based option.
  • ZIP files for FastSpring store styles now support language+country-specific properties, by including for example "," whose values override the default localization files. For language-specific changes that do not target individual countries, including a properties file in the format "" can still be used. Both types of properties files enable alteration of phrases used in your FastSpring store. For example, you can change "Update Coupon" to "Apply Coupon" or "Next" to "Continue."
  • Stamped PDFs are now encrypted to prevent editing.
  • The product name is now passed to script license generators.
  • SpringBoard optional testing settings added for customer country and language, allowing localized order page previews.
  • For customers choosing bank transfers as their payment method, the standard bank account number, in addition to the IBAN, was added to the bank transfer information.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Multiple subscriptions from a single original order no longer lead to problems from certain payment providers.
  • Searching for an order using "referrer XYZ" now properly returns expected results.
  • Address format validation for Columbia was corrected.
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