Release 2012.08.07

SpringBoard’s August 2012 release features improvements in VAT tax handling, reporting, and license generation, increased modification abilities via the subscription API, as well as minor bug fixes. 

A few highlights from this release:

  • The customer subscription self management page now includes any relevant VAT tax for the upcoming rebill, as shown below.
  • VAT ID may now be entered when creating a custom order.
  • The next billing date of a subscription is now editable via the subscription user interface.
  • The subscription discount duration may now be modified via the subscription API.
  • Customer contact information, including a customer's name, email and company, may now be modified via the subscription API. For detailed information, see our documentation on API: Subscriptions.
  • "Order Reference" and "Subscription Reference" fields were added to the license generator testing user interface.
  • In the Reports section, canceled orders are no longer displayed in Recent Orders.
  • English is now the default language for Arabic countries. 
  • Bank transfers are now supported to Estonia.
  • Shipping prices for CustomCD have been updated.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Rounding issues no longer occur on the subscription price description when using calculated pricing.
  • Shipping costs for multiple CD fulfillment actions on the same product are now handled correctly.
  • A confusing informational message is no longer displayed after customers update their subscription payment method.
  • In the Reports dashboard section, coloring for the hourly view bar graph now properly indicates Greenwich Mean Time 0, or midnight, by displaying a transition between light blue and dark blue bars.
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