Release 2012.11.02

SpringBoard's November releases offer numerous additions for translating into languages other than English, updated Google Analytics capabilities, new user roles, redesigned features in the Reports section, improvements to subscriptions, as well as minor bug fixes with subscription products.

New and Updated Translation Services

  • When collecting payment information in the order process, a customer's credit card expiration month and year are now translated for the following languages:  Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, and Chinese. One example of a customer's Credit Card Details (shown in English and Spanish) is below.
  • When a customer orders a backup CD or extended download service, the descriptions are now translated for the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch.
  • Customer invoices are now translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.
  • The display for the address for a customer in Japan in the order process during checkout and in other locations now shows an order that is more customary to Japanese customers. We have also updated the translation of "City" in the order process. These changes can be seen below.
  • The customer return confirmation email is now translated into German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

  • The HTML and plain text Support Signatures, which can be changed by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Store Settings » Support Contact, now support language templates. For example, entering <message><de>Bitte rufen Sie uns an 617.555.1212 oder per Email unter</de><es>Por favor llámenos al 617.555.1212 o envíenos un email a</es><en>Please phone us at 617.555.1212 or email us at</en></message> will be displayed at the bottom of Email Notifications as follows.
    • If the customer is in a German speaking location:
    • If the customer is in a Spanish speaking location:
    • If the customer is in an English speaking location:
    This translation format (e.g. de, es, en) uses the two letter language ISO 639-1 code.
  • Messages translation files (e.g. now support UTF8 file format.

Updated Google Analytics Capabilities

  • The Google Analytics tracking code used in SpringBoard has been updated to use the newer, asynchronous method, allowing increased page rendering performance.
  • During the Google Analytics tracking method setup, you can now utilize a checkbox to Enable Google Remarketing, which lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

New User Roles

  • There are three new user roles that have been added to SpringBoard to allow different types of access to your account. Each new role offers slightly more access than our Store Order Support user role that only provides access to order information.
    • Accountant: This will allow access to the Accounting and Reports sections (in addition to order information).
    • Store Reporting: This will allow access to the Reports section (in addition to order information).
    • Store Marketing: This will allow access to the Reports section, as well as information located in the Promotions and Appearances section, including offers, styles, and custom fields (in addition to order information).

Updates to the Reports Section

  • The Reports section of SpringBoard has a new, updated look with more options. You can now view Orders, subscription Renewals, and Returns by Day, Country, and Product, as well as reporting on orders by Coupons, Offers and Sources.
  • A new Report Type now exists to display Inactive Subscribers. It can be viewed by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Reports » Exports: Create and selecting Inactive Subscriber Export (CSV). Note: The date range refers to when the subscription was first purchased. To see a compete list of all inactive subscriptions, set a begin date before you began offering your subscription product.
  • The CSV reports that can be viewed by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Account » Accounting now separate the product Name and the product Display into two columns. This is especially useful for those who use a SKU as the product name, but a customer-friendly product display name.

Improvements to Subscriptions

  • When using the Embedded Web Store SDK, a URL is now included for customers to manage (update or cancel) their subscription in the data available after making an order.
  • The information (including the terms and pricing) that is displayed during the check out process is now also included in the email receipt sent to customers.
  • When retrieving localized store pricing via the pricing API, the output now includes product_1_first_value, which displays the subscription's first period price, which may be different than the recurring price. The output now also includes quantity tier information. For example, if your product is priced at $39.95, but you offer a quantity "tier" discount of $10.00 (making the price $29.95) when a customer purchases five or more units, the output will now include:
  • When subscriptions go into dunning because a re-bill has been issued but the payment has failed, various emails get sent to the customer at customizable times. If the subscription price is changed, the new price (including custom calculations) will be reflected in all future re-bill emails.

Additional Improvements

  • A custom CSS class can now be added to a survey custom field so that is may be individually targeted for changes in the visual style template.
  • For accessing a product's group (which is setup in Products and Pages to assist with organization), we've added the variable
    #{orderItem.productGroup} that can be used in HTTP notifications.
  • Base64 encoded variable methods for license file data were added for use as links in Email Fulfillments. These variables are
    #{orderItem.fulfillment.license.licenseData[0].base64} and
  • A method was added in our template language to output any string (including our variables) in a base64 encoded form <out encode="base64" value=""/>. For example, <out encode="base64" value="#{}"/> with the customer's email as would output as c2hhd25AZmFzdHNwcmluZy5jb20=.
  • In the Add Random Coupon Batch user interface, found when adding a Coupon Condition to a discount offer, the unused coupon codes are now displayed in a read-only text area so that they can easily be copied and pasted into other documents.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • The regular period price for a subscription now accurately reflects quantity.
  • The customer subscription management link now accurately shows the future price for any applied coupons with durations.
  • The subscription payment method updates can no longer result in price reductions when a store's VAT setting is set to the Gross Pricing Mode in Store Settings.
  • Tag-based custom calculations are now properly working with free/trial first periods.
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