How to Get the Best Customer Support from FastSpring

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

FastSpring Support at Your Service

FastSpring has a support staff of varied background and specialties. We take the time to get deeply involved with our clients' specialized needs, and respond to support requests as quickly as we can. 

We strive to provide you with a phenomenal customer service experience. While the FastSpring Support Team's passion and knowledge are only part of what makes us unique, our infrastructure and processes are equally important. 

FastSpring's Support System is Better than Email 


The FastSpring ticketing system helps us manage all incoming support requests and is the best way to get help. It allows us to make sure that your request is assigned to the support team member most suited to assist you and to ensure that you receive a response as fast as possible. Our support ticket system is more reliable than individual emails to a FastSpring support specialist for multiple reasons. First, our ticket system avoids issues that are caused with email spam filters, such as occasionally blocking emails. Second, you can always check the status of your support request. Third, even though your support ticket is assigned to a specific support team member, all support specialists have access to your support request. So if the ticket assigned support specialist is out of the office, another person can check on it, review the written conversation, and respond to your question to keep the conversation moving forward. 

Clear and Concise Descriptions in Support Requests

249.pngIn your Support Request Description, please be clear and concise. Please provide enough details which describe the situation you are trying to have us solve.

If your question is about a particular customer or order, please provide specific information such as the order reference number (e.g. JUL130105-1913-45116) and/or the customer's name and email address. This saves time as we will need this information to answer your question. Consider uploading a file to assist us. For example, if you want specific changes to the look of your order pages, take a screen shot of the pages and circle and write on them what you want changed.

Examples of Poor Descriptions and How to Improve for Better Support

I'd like to change my minimum payment amount and the number of times I'm paid per month.

Improvement: Specify the amount you would like your minimum payment to be and how often you wish to be paid.

One of my customers is having an issue with their order. Can you help?

Improvement: Tell us about the issue and provide the order reference number and/or the customer's name and email address.

Your website says: Pricing is 5.9% plus $.95 or 8.9% flat per order. Where can I choose?

Improvement: Tell us which option you prefer.

Can we change the text on a certain page, or add text to a specific page?

Improvement: Provide us with the text you would like added and the specific page in the order process where you would like to see the change. Additionally, you may want to provide a screenshot and circle the text you want changed.

I have a bunch of questions. Can someone help me?

Improvement: Please provide us with a list of your questions and we'd be happy to help you. If you questions are unrelated to each other, please submit multiple requests so that we can assign each topic to the support specialist who can best assist you.

Setting Ticket Priority

250.pngPlease set ticket priority in an honest and reasonable way. Just because a ticket is marked Low Priority does not mean you will get a delayed response. We promise, no matter how important you mark the support request, we will respond as soon as we can. 

When you mark a ticket Urgent, we take it very seriously. An urgent priority setting should be used when something is affecting your entire store or a large number of customers and is time sensitive. For example, if, on a live store with active customers, no images are rendering on your page or if all of the prices are inaccurately displayed, then Urgent would be an appropriate priority setting. Consistently marking questions urgent (when they are not) hurts other clients and will negatively impact overall response time. 

Phone and Chat Support - Why We Don't Offer It

Since electronic communication started, there are people that believe a phone call is faster than electronic communication. While this is true for some types of questions, we have found that for technical topics related to our type of service, our ticketing system is the most efficient and best method.  Nothing is more frustrating than chatting with a support specialist who offers canned responses and cannot solve your issue. What a waste of your time! Our ticketing system allows us to get the right person, not just a warm body, to assist you. While some of our support specialists are very technical and can answer nearly any question you have, some members of our team have a focused area of expertise. Our team is located around the world and work varied hours to cover as many hours of the day as possible. The documented dialog reduces the chance for miscommunication and allows both you and us to ask other members of our teams for assistance without losing time.

We're Here to Help

You are the reason we are here. Our goal is to help you in any way possible. Our proven support infrastructure provides an amazing level of service to you.  Once you have used the system for getting your store set up and running, our goal is for you to not only love our support team, but to love our support system too. If you need assistance with anything at any time, please open a support ticket

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