Release 2013.01.11

SpringBoard's January release offers redesigned features in the Reports section, improvements to our user interface, and more.

Updates to the Reports Section

  • In the Reports Section, when scrolling over the real time recent order column, you can now see offer statistics and order totals, as shown below.276.png
  • When creating a custom report, you can now create a row that will label the columns. In addition to order information, a custom CSV report can now also include information about returns.

User Interface Improvements

  • SpringBoard's design has been updated to take advantage of retina displays.
  • The layout for the View All Coupons screen has been improved and a new "Get Code" link will quickly generate a new random coupon code that you can copy and paste.
  • When creating a discount, rather than adding a coupon code in a separate step, you can now quickly add a coupon code condition to the discount. When you select the Add Coupon Condition checkbox, you can select and enter a single coupon code or select and generate multiple coupon codes. 

  • When uploading style templates to your store, you can now see previous versions of the template as well as the person who uploaded previous and new versions.
  • The direct deposit payment method is now supported for Australians and for those using the AUD currency.

Additional Improvements

  • We have updated the design of the invoice that can be sent to a customer.  
  • Currency can now be passed in as a parameter to override the automatically detected currency of a customer's location.
  • CustomCD license information can be customized using a template.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Proration now fails silently if current subscription period is $0.00.
  • If a session invalidates, the embedded store will use the default store style.   
  • For custom calculations, shipping costs are now properly recalculated according to the customer's shipping country.
  • For on-demand subscriptions, there is no longer an error when updating tags in certain situations.
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