Release 2013.02.23

SpringBoard's February release offers additional offer conditions (including limiting to one use per email address), improved field validation and parsing, and more.

  • Limited Use conditions for offers are now available. These conditions include a minimum order total, a minimum product quantity, limiting to an email postfix (e.g., and limiting to one use per email address. 
  • The quantity field validation has been improved to check when invalid characters are entered.
  • Parsing of first and last name has been improved when a common suffix, such as John Doe, Jr., is used.
  • SpringBoard now supports Retina display.
  • The VAT IDs for Greece, which are prefixed with EL, are now recognized as valid.
  • Return status field added to order API.
  • Information regarding average processing time for bank transfers has been added to the instructions on the customer invoice.
  • In addition to Order Notifications, Return Notifications can now be resent via SpringBoard.
  • JCB supported currencies now include AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, HKD, and SGD.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Styles can now be changed via URL tags (Order Environment Condition)
  • Updating VAT ID in certain cases will no longer result in 404 error.
  • Proration now properly refunded when tax exemption is involved.
  • PDF stamping now retains bookmarks and table of contents.
  • Coupon codes with usage limitations now work properly with subscriptions.
  • Resetting a user's permission no longer prevents a user from logging in.
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