Release 2013.05.18

SpringBoard's May release offers more functionality with notifications, more options for subscription follow-up steps, and more.

  • The rate for CustomCD USPS first class mail has been increased to reflect current prices. 
  • Automatic notification rules can now be created on a singular store or on all of your stores within a singular account.
  • An alert email will automatically notify you when an HTTP notification fails.
  • When creating a Limited Use Condition for an offer, regex functionality has been added to the Email Postfix field. This functionality allows you to restrict offers to customers that have an email address which matched the regular expression. For example, .*.edu(...|) would match,,, etc.
  • Discounts can now be used on items added to an order through a cross-sell. If the cross-sell already provides a discount on its own, no additional discount will occur.
  • When using Order Creator for customers in the United Arab Emirates, a postal code in not required, as they do not exist in that country.
  • For Polish translations, the month and year drop-down menus in the credit card information have been corrected to properly display Miesiac (for month) and Rok (for year). 
  • Options for Subscription Payment Followup Steps now include 14 days and 21 days to allow for a maximum of a 45 day grace period. These longer options allow more time to contact customers, to get them to update their payment method, and to keep them as a customer. You can select these options in Store Settings » Advanced (tab).

  • Changes made to Offers and product prices are now tracked with the date of change, the username who made the change, and the type of change made.

  • When creating an XML template page, while the <p:price/> tag will only show the regular period price, <p:priceDetail/> will display additional pricing details, such as a different first period price (which is often used for free trials) for subscription products.
  • New user accounts now have strengthened password requirements.
  • Wider availability of wire transfers as a payment method.
  • Updates to our German translation.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Multiple store order search now properly works for a user with Order Support permissions.
  • AquaticPrime license generator now properly generates license keys when lowercase and uppercase letters are mixed.
  • Amount Off Product discount is no longer reflected on tier prices.
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