SpringBoard Releases Nov-Dec 2013

SpringBoard, as you'll see with these bundled release notes, is now adhering to a more rapid release schedule, enabling faster turnaround of feature requests and bug fixes. You will start seeing release alerts more often, so be sure to check back here from time to time. For this post, we've bundled all our November and December releases, starting with 11/14/13 and finishing up with 12/16/13. Future releases notes will present one release at a time.

Release 2103.11.14

FastSpring's mid-November release offers improvements to the Fulfillment Actions UI, a new Subscription API ability, file uploading verification when auto-logged off and file name stability during download in files with spaces or special characters.

  • The Fulfillment Actions on a product will appear in the following order, if you have them on the product: Email / Web Fulfillment, File Download, all Licenses (including Signed PDFs), Physical Shipment.

  • The User Interface when adding Fulfillment Actions to a product has been redesigned, allowing at-a-glance fulfillment actions, some of which were previously at deeper levels of the interface:

  • You now have the ability for the Subscription Update API to change a subscription's referrer field.
  • Coupon codes used on a subscription are now available to be included in notifications. Now the coupon code used on a subscription order (that can be found by using Order Search for find the order, clicking the subscription, and clicking Edit) can be used in any Subscription Notification using the variable #{subscription.coupon}.
  • For the default browser/Flash uploader, the system now allows verification of an uploaded file after logout. Clicking verify while logged out via auto logout/timeout could previously cause file loss and the need to re-upload. Now Springboard can properly verify the file when logged out.
  • Payment instructions and payment methods can now be deleted.
  • A report can now be created to show sales of a group of products.
  • Issues with filenames with spaces or special characters now are corrected, so that downloaded files have the exact same name as the upload. Previously, if you had spaces or certain other characters in your filename incorrect, file names could occur when downloaded to the customer’s computer, due to an HTTP header issue.

Bug Fixes

  • A subscription reminder notification is no longer sent for pre-orders.
  • Tags and styles used in embedded stores are now handled properly.
  • Reports path bar now properly appears for single store administrators.

Release 2013.11.27

FastSpring's late November release offers permanent links to order and subscription details and updates to order page translations.

  • There are now permanent links to a customer's order details or subscription details. This feature provides better integration with external back office systems, and has been high on our client request list. Simply replace XYZ in the following links with the Order ID or the Subscription Reference, respectively:



  • Hungarian has been added as a full localization to the platform, making 22 foreign language localizations in total to date.
  • Updates have been made to the Spanish translation on order pages containing subscription products.
  • The referrer has been added to the Order Export (CSV) report for returned products.

Release 2013.12.01

FastSpring's first December release offers updates to custom orders, notifications for changes to contact or payment information, and IE style updates.

  • Better support for order pages in Internet Explorer. Now we defer to the meta tags defined in the window.xhtml file, and we do not emit our own X-UA-Compatible tag (for new styles only).
  • On custom orders, the open event now shows the creator of the custom orders.
  • When someone updates the contact information or payment information on your SpringBoard account, FastSpring now sends you an email notification.
  • Simplified Chinese is now the default for Chinese speaking countries.

Bug Fixes

  • Order creator no longer lists unsupported store currencies.

Release 2013.12.08

This SpringBoard release offers flexible subscription charge options for end users, additional information on reports and improved clarity in the coupon UI.

  • Springboard now allow customers to change subscription payment from credit card to Paypal or from Paypal to credit card. This piece of functionality makes maintaining current & preferred payment details on file even easier for end users.

Bug Fixes

  • SpringBoard help area was displayed multiple times on the page when using the back button
  • Adjusted number formatting for Indian Rupee (INR)
    Rupee (INR) formatting

Release 2013.12.16

  • Direct access URLs have been implemented for subscription management URL actions "update payment method" and "cancel".
  • UI update: When working within the context of a product, test options are only shown for that product, not all products. This upgrade allows users to focus on context-based display of order pages during testing, and declutters the testing preview window.
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