Releases 2013.12.22 and 2014.1.6

Release Notes: Releases 12/22/13 and 1/6/14

Release Dec. 22nd, 2013

Expanded Tracking Functionality

SpringBoard's external tracking functionality has been upgraded. It now allows for more flexible external tracking placement and functionality, including support for Google Tag Manager, a popular service that aggregates a site's tracking tags and serves them asynchronously. Here are the highlights:

  • You can now include tracking code on every page of the order process (previously limited to final/conversion page only).
  • You can optionally switch out code on completion page only. This code can take advantage of common order variables such as #{} and #{order.subTotalUSD.textValue}.
  • You can insert custom code in 3 locations: head, after body begin, before body end (previously only before body end).
  • You can test external tracking before going live (tracking instances now have a status like many other objects within SpringBoard).

In upgrading External Tracking, SpringBoard has also introduced some new template tags to make outputting JSON easier.

These additions facilitate Google Tag Manager integrations, as well as other more complex integrations not previously possible. In the future we’ll be adding support docs that expand on this.

Release Jan. 6th, 2014

Reporting UI Upgrade

SpringBoard has improved the Reports > Exports UI. It is now in a listing format that better matches other UIs. It also now tracks the creator of reports, which can be helpful in medium to large businesses with various User Roles and multiple individuals accessing the reporting functionality.

Dropbox for PDF License Fulfillment

Building on the popular use of Dropbox as a file fulfillment upload method introduced in 2013, Dropbox now works as an upload option for PDF license fulfillment.

Additional Options for Subscription Customers

Previously a customer could only change their payment method, updating a card's expiration date or, as of a recent release, switching payment method between Paypal and credit card. Now, customers of a subscription product can change their physical address on file or add a VAT ID for European tax exemption. This last option only shows for European customers.

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