Release 01.20.2014

Release Jan. 20, 2014


SpringBoard continues to expand its localization and has added a full Croatian translation as of this release.

Payment Methods to Clients

Indian Rupee (INR) has been added as a wire transfer currency for client payments.


For subscriptions, a 2-year first period has been added to the many existing first period choices.

UI Updates

A UI update has added the day of the week to the tooltip for Orders by Day graph in SpringBoard reporting, for easy reference.

Larger UI updates include a move to using toggle widgets for object status throughout SpringBoard. Below we present the new UI, together with the old one.

SpringBoard UI - new SpringBoard UI - old

  • Status box and Actions box have been condensed to one area (this is the case for every status object).
  • The left-hand phrases are now actually verbs / actions, more consistent with other UIs and fitting of the header “Actions".
  • The most common status change Test > Active / Active > Test is now a toggle requiring no page refresh. Deeper status changes are made via the action “Change Status”.
  • Product Options are now Product Choices.
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