Release 03.07.2014

SpringBoard’s newest release features improvements to the functionality of notifications and an update to the product catalog UI.

  • JSON is now supported as an output format for notifications.
  • For clients who need high levels of dependability between the FastSpring system and the client's system, support for Amazon SNS has been added. For example, in the event your system is offline or experiences temporary maintenance, notifications will not be lost and will not need to be reprocessed by FastSpring. Instead, your system can now simply pick up again when it comes back online by querying for the next available notifications via Amazon SQS.
  • The product catalog user interface has been updated. Rather than product categories expanding and contracting, all products are now displayed on one page, but you can now select product categories from a drop-down menu to show specific products. Our new search feature automatically responds to the real-time entry in the search box, showing only those items that correspond to the search terms entered, and allows you to quickly find the exact item you want to edit. The search feature is especially useful for stores that have a large number of products and categories.

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