SpringBoard Release Notes May 2014

SpringBoard Release May 2014

Welcome to our new format for SpringBoard platform release notes. Each month at the beginning of the month, we will publish a summary of public-facing release features and functionality in an expanded format. This format includes a highlight of a specific feature that we feel has yet to receive a spotlight in our documentation or marketing commmunications. Also included is a roundup of recent or revised support articles, so you can find fresh items of interest to your business in our knowledge base.

Release Notes May 2014

Localization – Slovak Added, Others Updated

A full Slovak localization joins our 23 others to become the 25th language that FastSpring supports (including English). In addition, updates have been made to SpringBoard's German, French, Dutch and Spanish localizations.

Here are the languages SpringBoard now supports: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

A shout out to POEditor.com for Java properties support and a great UI. This SaaS program helps us manage localizations, even invite professional translators and native speakers in for collaborative review and updates. Kudos go out also to Straker Translations, a tech-saavy firm offering professional translation services that has helped us optimize our turnaround time on localization tickets.

Show email address of split account holder on the split accounts UI

For clients with a significant number of split payees – our term for affiliates, partners who may receive payment for sales credited to them – SpringBoard now shows the email address of the split account holder. This update to the split accounts UI helps with communication between FastSpring clients and their split payees.

New user role: store marketing without reports

SpringBoard's multiple user roles are flexible permissions settings suited to the needs of small medium and large businesses. In May, we added a new role which allows store marketing role access to a store's setup but hides reporting functionality. As often with new functionality, this role came from clients who saw a need for a role 'in between' the existing roles, and we were happy to accommodate the request.

Here's a table of all user roles within SpringBoard:

Add subscription API error codes invalid-coupon and invalid-subtotal

This SpringBoard update helps clients understand better why their API call is failing and promotes quick fixes to keep coupons and subtotals accurately presented to the end customer.

Ability to set tags using Order Creator

Tags are a free-form way for clients to do various things with pricing, subscriptions, etc. Because they cover a lot of cases our clients wanted to be able to set them in the Order Creator as well. For more information on the use of tags within FastSpring's platform, please consult the section Topics -> Advanced Features -> Variables and Tags in SpringBoard. In particular, the articles Working with Variables in SpringBoard and Using Optional Parameters can be helpful references.

Allow new TLDs for customer email addresses

As our lead developer put it, "There are an insane number of newish TLDs." We've updated SpringBoard's internal list to allow email addresses from these domains to allow verification of customer emails when purchasing. A useful reference for all the new top level domains is ICANN's page New Generic Top-Level Domains and the list on the Delegated Strings page.

Featured Functionality – Partner Reseller Store

Concept: Scaling Reseller Operations

Reseller Partner functionality in SpringBoard creates a well-defined relationship between a Partner organization and the FastSpring client. It is this long-term relationship (instead of per-order) that lays the foundation for scaling up Reseller Partner operations.


  • Manage Reseller Partner relationships and signups.
  • Extend a credit limit in a secure manner, enabling immediate delivery before payment. Previous functionality required per-order approval, meaning work for the Client and wait time for the Reseller.
  • Provide tracking and reporting to the Client, per-Partner.
  • Provide per-Partner product pricing.

Reseller Partners

  • SpringBoard Portal for self-service management of orders, assigned licenses, and unassigned licenses.
  • Immediate access to licenses when a credit limit is in place.
  • Minimize data entry when placing new orders – most information is on file.
  • Access control – multiple users may manage the orders and licenses of a single organization / Reseller Partner.

For more information, you can take a look at a preliminary overview in PDF format

New & Updated Support Articles

Along with SpringBoard updates, we would like to draw your attention to recent additions to our support knowledge base. Each month, we will be including these in the release update notes; they can be useful as touchpoints for functionality you may not be aware of, or tips and tricks in the use of SpringBoard that can help you optimize your store and grow your revenue.

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Integrating License4J License Generator with FastSpring

Can a Customer Order a Backup CD after the order is placed?

Managing Subscription Dunning: Payment Follow-up Notifications and Reminders (Name and article updated)

Suggestions for New Articles

If you wish, you can help us focus on ideas for new support articles to expand the SpringBoard knowledge base. Just navigate to Suggest an Article and add your article suggestion. We'd like to see some more action there.

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