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Release Notes October 2014

  • Embedded Web Store SDK issue with OS X Yosemite

Clients using the FastSpring Embedded Web Store SDK will want to make sure to download our latest SDK for Mac OS as it handles an issue that we were seeing on OS X Yosemite.

Information and download options for the SDK can be found here.

  • Create Order API removes product when quantity = 0

The Create Order API can be used to pass one or more products to the shopping cart, delivering the information to either the order contents page (shopping cart), or the checkout / user information page. For each call, any existing order is cleared and its contents are completely replaced. This is a useful option if you have your own forms where the customer is choosing multiple products and / or quantity.  With our latest release, the Create Order API will remove the product when the quantity = 0.

  • CNY is support added639.png

CNY (Chinese Yuan) is fully supported for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • Canceled Orders Export

The Canceled Orders Export has been added to give clients access to orders that have failed to process successfully due to credit card declines or declines due to risk analysis.  This can be run for a specified date range and includes the following data:  Date, Reference, Currency, Total, Referrer, Source, Name, Email, and Decline Reason.  Clients can use this data to follow up with customers who attempted to purchase.  Access this new Order Report from Springboard’s Reports » Exports – Create » Canceled Order Export (CSV).

  • Security headers in PUT notification 

Security header information is now listed in the PUT notification. This includes information such as security hash.

Example of this:

Content-Type:text/xml; charset=UTF-8
  • Upgrade for Geo IP Services

This was an upgrade to take advantage of the latest Geo IP services.  This aids in localization, risk analysis, and country/location specific information.

  • Wire instructions added to goal page

Wire instructions have been updated and reflected during order completion.  Prior to this change only when viewing or downloading an invoice could a customer access more detailed bank transfer instructions.  This change should encourage better closure of sales by outlining more clear instructions immediately following a purchase without the customer having to go through additional steps to view the bank transfer instructions.



  • Physical address fields and the subscription start date has been added to the subscriber exports data

Exporting the Subscription Active Subscriber and Inactive Subscriber Export now includes address information and subscription start date.

Active Subscriber Export and Inactive Subscriber Export reports can be generated by accessing Reports – Exports » Create.

Example of exported data:


  • Bulk generation of licenses that are not name based is now available in the Reseller store

Licenses not requiring a name for the license scheme can now be generated in bulk in the Reseller store. End-user info is not required per license.


  • HTTPS is now allowed for product detail page links

HTTPS can be used for product detail page links.

  • Sofort supports NL/EUR

We now offer support for the Sofort payment type for the Netherlands in EUR only. 


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