Release 12.07.2014

FastSpring's newest release includes improvements to user interface and multiple bug fixes.

UI Improvements on Using Existing Files on Products


The Existing File radio button now automatically gets selected after selecting a time frame or making a selection from the drop-down list of files.

Update to German Translation

The German translation that explains the Update VAT ID field has been improved.

Customizable License Name Adjustment

The customizable license name field now correctly trims leading and trailing whitespace for license names.

Changes to Reason for Refunds

Long refund reasons used to result in an error. Consequently, the reason for a refund is now limited to a maximum of 250 characters.

Modification to Time Out Error Message 

When a session times out, the error message "Your current order session has timed out. Please return to the product site, or close your browser, to try again." is displayed.

Bug Fixes in this Release

  • User permissions were fixed to allow users to view notes created on orders.
  • The EUR symbol, €, no longer includes a space when localization calls for it before the value.
  • When a customer's email addresses is manually updated in SpringBoard, if customers go to their subscription management page and try to use that new email to verify a change to their address, an error no longer gets displayed.
  • The Tag Condition Toggle set on custom fields has been fixed to properly display (or not display) the custom fields.
  • Free orders are no longer being blocked by the risk analysis.
  • An issue where an incorrect redirect was occurring for customers where a domain was pointed to a store without a following path (such as instead of has been fixed.
  • The behavior for orders with VAT created using Order Creator has been updated.
  • Free subscriptions, when imported from outside of FastSpring, are now properly firing notifications and fulfillment actions.

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